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 Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess skon and fat from the middle and lower abdomen area and tighten the abdominal wall muscles.


It is a very popular procedure and can create a smoother flatter appearance at the tummy area. Excess skin and fatty tissue after weight loss or pregnancy can be problematic and resistant to diet, and a tummy tuck can address the problem.


The procedure is done under general anesthetic and last about 2 hours.  One to two nights of hospital stay is advised. The scar can be quite long in certain procedures and can extend from hip to hip. The belly-button is adjusted according to each individual case.Liposuction can be combined with the surgical procedure.

Various methods are available and Dr du Toit will decide with you on the correct procedure after a thorough examination and discussion. You will also be informed of other alternatives, possible risks and given opportunity to raise questions.


To read more about abdominoplasty pre/postoperative instructions click here


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