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All surgical incisions result in permanent scars. The goal of post operative scar management is to modulate the process to try to ensure your get the best possible scar that your body will produce.The final scar quality depends more on your genetics than it does on the surgeon .It is advised that you follow a postoperative regime Scars take about a year to become  mature. They often look  worst between 3 and 6 months after surgery, as the body lays down a lot of new scar tissue which remodel later. Usually 1 month after any surgery, your scar will look  healed, but is only about 25% of its final strength. During the period of scar “activity” (approximately 1 year, but most active during the first 3-6 months), you can influence the final product by the following:

General factors, sun care(regular sunblock and hat, good nutrition, avoid smoking

On the scar:– micropore tape (made by 3M) to be applied (where practical) along the length of the scar applied as I will show you on postoperative visit. This is left in place and changed for a new piece of tape at approximately 2 weekly intervals, for the first 3 months post operatively. A small number of people may be allergic or “react” to this tape.

Silicone containing gels like scarscience or kelo-cote can further decrease the scarring by applying over the micropore for a period of 2-3 months.

Further I will advise massaging the scar where appropriate/practical.

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