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Gynaecomastia is probably one of the most uncomfortable battles I have had to fight as a man. Only men who have experienced it will understand the challenges it comes with. Buying t-shirts, swimming in summer, walking around in a vest etc. to name a few, is never just as straight forward as it would be for other guys, and also due to the nature of my work, it could be painful at times.
I have struggled with this since a young age, and eventually learnt to accept it. So at the age of the 32 when I finally met Dr Liezel du Toit who informed me that this could be removed by excision, it was the best news I have received in a while.

All my options were explained to me in detail and I received amazing assistance from Dr du Toit, with regards to explaining the procedure, the anaesthetics, hospital etc.

I decided to have the procedure done and today, 3 weeks after my surgery I am amazed with the results. I knew that I would be satisfied, but this is much more than expected. There has really been an amazing improvement in my chest area with regards to shape and lines, which were hidden due to gynaecomastia, even though I was spending alot of time in the gym.

This however is improving even more daily as the swelling is subsiding.
I am really amazed by the brilliant work Dr du Toit has done to help me look and feel better.
The only regret I have is not having the procedure done sooner.

"My name is Tracey. I fell pregnant with my first child at the age of 18 and I carried very big for someone of my size. I gained 25kg and the toll it took on my body was devastating. After carrying around the excess stretched skin around my waist for some 14 years and having to wear a size bigger to accommodate it, I met Dr Liezel du Toit and she changed my life. After consulting with her, she agreed that I was a candidate for abdominoplasty and I was booked for the surgery. The results where mind boggling and I have never looked back. Her after surgery care was fantastic, I couldn’t have asked for more! If you are looking to have surgery, look no further, you have come to the right place."

My name is Collette and I met doctor Liezl Du Toit in 2013 when I needed to have a mastectomy due to cancer. She was referred to me by my surgeon and she was the only Cosmetic surgeon who was willing to perform this op without overcharging and leaving me in debt after the op. I had the mastectomy but was given an expander which was to be removed a few months later in order for the final reconstruction. I had my final op in May 2014. A tummy tuck was performed and my left breast was reconstructed and it looks amazing. She is a very compassionate and humane surgeon. She always puts one at ease by ensuring that every aspect of what she does is understood by the patient. I would recommend Liezl for any kind of reconstruction as she does an excellent job and helps with the physical recovery after cancer as well as the psychological recovery. If doctor Liezl wants to use any of my pics it will be an honour. Thanks again for everything you are amazing.

I underwent breast augmentation 2 years ago. I was extremely flat chested and wanted to try augmentation to boost my self confidence after a divorce. Dr Du Toit assisted me in advising me on the best product as well as size for my body shape. Most importantly she gave me the best advise for sizing and product to suit my body and not just go bigger and better. I am extremely happy with my final result and finally feel I have the confidence i have needed for so long.

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